Three Clubs You Never Knew About

In the past two years I've gained membership in three clubs I never knew about and never wanted to join: The forlorn my father has passed club; The I Miss Mom Every Day Since She Passed club; The Family Wrecked Over Remaining Assets club. I do miss Mom every day. And, yes, in my mind's … Continue reading Three Clubs You Never Knew About


Kismet -- when the glimpse of an equation shows origami unfolding. In Reformed Theology, explaining whether an infant baptism takes, better known as God's gracious Election. Kismet- when the errand boy's whistle heralds his secret mission. Kismet- when your mother folded your palm in, kissed you, and said-- such a long lifeline, you shall outlive … Continue reading Kismet

Part I: The Life & Loves of Sam (Un-Underlined)

Sam, born January 17, 2007. And passed September 21, 2013, three days after his best buddy Max. While for a small bunny, 6.5 years isn't a long life, for Flemish it's long enough for arthritis pain to cripple. Sam lived every day larger. Sam taught me so much about rabbits, Flemish in particular. But most … Continue reading Part I: The Life & Loves of Sam (Un-Underlined)

Made for flight

Yesterday, midweek, my fiance and I opted for much needed R&R and headed south to the North Carolina pad of a friend to meet his free-flight trained macaws. As macaws will stay out in the trees overnight if darkness begins to fall during their flight session, we endeavored to arrive by 2:00, but traffic accidents … Continue reading Made for flight

Free-flying macaws

Today my fiance and I venture to North Carolina at last to meet great aviculturist, AFA leader, affable mentor and freed loving free flyer Lewis Waskey. My fiance is enrolled in an Applied Behavior Analysis course for training birds to free flight, with Chris Biro's famef Liberty Wings school. Now we just need to find … Continue reading Free-flying macaws