Penn. Ave., NW

Mum currently works temporarily on a law firm premises on Pennsylvania Ave., NW, down the street from The White House and Freedom Plaza and near the Ronald Reagan Bldg.

The project may wrap up today, or tomorrow. Or the client may decide to retain the group of her contractors longer. Contract attorneys know sooner than only their animal companions.

We birbs blessed her in prayer at supper last night:

But Melville disrespected her as “mamarazzi” this morning on his morning binky run, which, as he gets heavier and heavier, gets noisier and shorter:

Mum has ordered hulled millet seed for hoomin consumption. We looked over her shoulder and read she’s plotting to cook it up and eat it . . . And hardly give us birbs any!!!! WHAT IS SHE THINKING! This is in preparation for her next hobby birb Editorial at the blogspot

Mum is so Inside the Beltway. I.e., intellectually topheavy. Aargh!

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