WWW Council

Passing The White House daily on his way to his job at The Willard, Melville reflected at its forlorn appearance –the Press pursues the President, leaving town for golf Vistas in Florida and war on the United Nations in New York.

It was the Legendary Samuel (“Sam”) who first gained the acquaintance of a POTUS (President of the United States). Legendary in the days of South Mountain Rabbitry and the Obama Administration’s Correspondence Room, we birbs know of it through birdsong, the bunnies through the inestimable classic, The Life and Loves of Master Sam.
Of unparalleled beauty, the doe Suzette took up residence in the second storey of the manor house.  Sam, just then, lived with The Unholy Trinity on the ground floor. Each night Sam toured the grounds as Guard Bunny Par Excellence and thus discerned Suzette’s presence.  Suzette, for her part, took regular appointments at the salon downstairs.  Soon the first floor furniture was posted with fragrant love notes from the one to the other.

That great night of victory and mystery, Election Night 2008, when Obama was declared the winner, Sam and Suzette . . . well, you know, and that’s just being salacious to ask for more details and a distraction from our main point. . . A litter was born in the dark of winter, the buck with the longest ears being christened Barack O’Bunny.

A White House announcement was sent, an invitation to the WWW Council (Wabbit Whispered Wisdom Council) included. And then, then. The proof behind the oral history. The thank you card from President Obama himself. Now carefully preserved in a wall frame.



Melville knew nothing further of this legend. There was no record of the 44th President visiting the WWW Council on South Mountain, or even of him inviting it to Martha’s Vineyards. Taking a moment to munch thoughtfully a dandelion in Lafayette Square, Melville reflected the Wise Wabbits would have preferred the secretive coverture of Camp David’s Maryland woods. “It is, after all,” he thought, “a Capital life — the real players stay close at hand to the symbols of power.”

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