Word Prompt –Present

You are present with me always. In my heart. In the heart of my loving and living life. Variously you came to me. Uniquely you touched me. Together you inspire and motivate me. Innumerable pinpoints in a Milkyway sky.

Ben. You taught me the confident rabbit is an outgoing rabbit, who wants only to be loved and garner more of my attention.

Sam. You embodied carpe diem– at seven years, the dogstogo.net cart preserved your joie de vivre. I will never forget the day you told me it was time to go: it took a large dose of an opiate to manage your pain. I knew your liver could not sustain such a dose, and you pleaded in your loving eyes that I let you go. So we went to the vet.

Your buddy Max missed you so much, he left me for you three weeks later


My ex-husband bought you for me one week before The Great Alienation began. You refused to see me sad, and with Bessie, spoke the silent love of angels.


Bum genetics blinded you eventually. But never has a bunny been so affable and generous with his affections!

Thank you, friends, for remaining Present with me.

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