UPDATE & CORRECTION: City officials clarified that this state children’s mental hospital site is outside their jurisdiction. It was, in fact, the State agency responsible for the institution that had threatened their extermination earlier.  Somebody appears to have succeeded in poisoning at least 30 rabbits at the site. I know of no toxicology reports:


Rescues on the ground who mobilized a massive emergency operation on discovering the murdered rabbits include Vegas Bunny Rescue ( and All Creatures Sanctuary. Both need immediate assistance. All Creatures Sanctuary has an Amazon wish list and PayPal for contributions is .


On a Sunday afternoon when there was little likelihood of news coverage,  some agent went behind the back of an international consortium of 75+ rabbit rescues, which were closely allied with concerned city residents: SOMEBODY EXTERMINATED, it appears, at least 200 of the approximate 1,000 abandoned domestic rabbits otherwise slated for rehoming internationally without expense to Las Vegas. See also and the FaceBook page of Dave Schweiger; my posts here and elsewhere

I believe this action May be ULTRA Vires and in violation of due process. If litigated this case would be pivotal for animal rights law.