#LasVegasDumpsiteBunnies Update: Mid-Atlantic

The petition on chang.org opened, to my knowledge, in the wee hours yesterday morning. It had just over 550 signatures when I first saw it; this morning it has nearly 5,000. I have no idea what happened on the ground in #LasVegas yesterday, but where possible, I’ve shepherded the petition along. I am grateful to so many for their efforts but especially Instagram’s @binks_and_paige in Australia and @tiffoco in Italy for featuring the petition on their account pages from early yesterday morning. I pray the rescue crews in Vegas take heart and don’t feel alone. National Geographic noticed the frenzy of social media and delivered a useful overview.


Bunny rescues in Virginia and Maryland I’m in touch with– Animal Welfare League of Alexandra, Bunny Lu Adoptions, Friends of Rabbits, Animal Welfare League of Arlington and Bright Eyes Rabbit Sanctuary will be taking approximately 20% of Thursday’s planned transport of 100 rabbits eastward. If you’re in this area, please encourage, congratulate and support them!

Truthfully, even at this distance, it is hard to disengage heart and head, even just long enough to rest and recharge. Also, while struggling to affirm those on the ground, there is an equivalent and occasional occssional feeling of isolation as three rescuers are so busy, little news from the front emerges and, not connected with others who have also taken to championing the case in social media, the deep sorrow and inexplicably intense feeling of loss from the death of the poisoned rabbits grips me again. Pathetically, I console myself in my inaccurately perceived isolation buy serenading the budgies.

Yesterday I wrote Karla Delgado, the Social Services section chief listed as the Health Department contact on the February 16, 2018 Notice For Immediate Release which claimed the herd of abandoned domestic rabbits present on the West Charleston Campus children’s psychiatric treatment facility were “feral”, carried diseases which in fact have not recently been present in Nevada and are not known to be carried by this healthy population, and posed a “potential public health risk. ” Accordingly, the Notice stated, there would be trapping and, in addition, the public was ordered to cease feeding and watering the herd.

I got a canned response:

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