Twitter’s African Grey Otto (@keelingrob)

Whimsy, comic relief — we thank our lucky stars for ice-breaking, delight-waking humor. Especially on those dark days.

Otto announced plans for #birddominion some weeks ago. The initial story was covered in detail at (Feb 15 ed.).

Our bird accounts on Twitter and Instagram are both @Budgiebouquet. Our flock of five has enlisted in the #birddominion forces. They have also volunteered as undercover recruiting liaisons between Otto’s Twitter home encampment and Instagram, where the bulk of free-flighted macaws and lorykeets surface. In this Game of Thrones it remains highly uncertain where the Big Birds will choose to land.

Today, Saturday, is Flight School at our house–

Our flock is nothing if not highly consultative and creative at once. Their #Budgiechorus is also a device for converting timid birds to #Birddominion.

Finally, #Budgiechorus anticipates their next singles release!

Yes, laughing is important, healthy. Please chuckle briefly with me: otherwise it’s the first anniversary of my father’s deceasing, and solitude sucks.

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