Nonprofit startup. . .

Several months ago a group of about six friends I had made through our budgies’ Twitter account and I founded a hobby bird newsmagazine with a targeted audience of social media bird accounts.

One thing led to another– we recently incorporated as a non-stock nonprofit. Our model from the beginning was “feminist” or “multicultural”– we are a collaborative, cooperating and mutually respectful group of writers, photo editor, cartoonist and webmaster. As we grow, however, understandably we need to produce and comply with good policy and practices — which tends to correspond to top- down management styles. . . Yet I am committed to a collaboration model.

Safely in the hands of a Board of Directors and the corporate officers, I commit to encouraging circulation of all pending policy to our full membership for input.

Personally, I am appreciative of the opportunity to grow as Editor in Chief. I am also particularly thankful for the many years my older sisters pressed me into service for our school newspaper. At sixteen I was the editor– with six years experience as a writer under my belt and two years as Features editor. How the early lessons of strict, exacting faculty advisors deeply impress themselves and set the stage for later acts! Thank you, Amy DeJong!

Years later I served on the writing and editorial staff of my law school law journal, but the dye had already been cast.

So if you have a child who compulsively edits their creative writing journal, it’s not necessarily a cause for concern or therapy but a sign of budding editorial penchant.