Help Ban Animal Abuse Posts on Instagram: Sign & Share Petition

These have been eventful weeks! As urgency on #LasVegasDumpsiteBunnies diminished, I happily returned to my neglected Instagram bunny account. But the Instagram rabbit community was in the midst of further uproar: a man in Iran had created an Instagram account and posted videos and taunting photos of the torturing of defenseless rabbits to death. Despite many requests to remove the posts, Instagram claimed they did not violate their Community Standards. Incensed, a young woman, @agnesyan701 established a petition:

In short, the recent weeks have been spent feverishly trying to bring the offender to justice, with the assistance of PETA and a variety of Iranian animal welfare organizations, and promoting this petition on Instagram. Our bird newsmagazine Https:// endorsed the petition.

More recently, we assisted Bunny Lu Adoptions in Warrenton, VA with their soon-to-open online store, their April 8 Open House, and the fostering of two sweet baby sister velveteen Lops, Peaches and Electra.

As you can see from the final photo, of Electra, Elektra had some spinal problem. The vet discovered beneath her fur a healing but recent animal bite wound and beneath it a compression fracture of the spine.

We were so grateful Electra had three spirit to survive whatever awful event had happened! We were also glad the vet could give her corticosteroids to ease and speed the healing.

We will only have Peaches and Electra for about a month–until they are spayed and healed. We are grateful for this opportunity to parent them.

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