Mamaaa– didn’t mean to make you cry . . . Or give you gray hairs

Mum’s mom passed peacefully in the late night about a week ago. Mum is doing the Capitol Life 70 hours per week wuuurk thing. It hasn’t really sunk in with her. She just keeps humming Bohemian Rhapsody under her breath.

Mum’s mum set a great example. An equestrienne, she was quiet but iron-willed and capable. Completing her Northwestern Law School class as one of only two female students (on a full ride because Northwestern sought to increase female attendance), she married Dad upon his return stateside after the Korean War. Both natives of the Chicago area, when Dad got a job with a firm in Kansas City, they saw firsthand how segregated and unjust “a little bit Southern” could be.

Initially Mom taught law at the University of Kansas City (now UMKC) and doubled as law Librarian. However, the school did not renew her contract when she was pregnant with her second child: “A little bit Southern” also kept wives of professionals behind closed doors. Mother of three ultimately, she annually wrote for West Publishing.

An elder at her PCUSA church, she also served on the Committee for Preparation for Ministry at presbytery and worked for racial understanding and harmony through Church Women United.

Ahead of her times, she went green in the ’60’s, Stalking the Wild Asparagus with Ewell Gibbons and never looking back.

Mom will be rendered to ash accompanied by the tee shirt Mark and I made for her.

Life continues. The spring time raises the birds’ hormones so Antilles challenges Teleski’s leadership more energetically but with no greater success.

And Mum and Dad adopted Peaches so Bunji can be with her always.