Needing to gargle!

Sometime ago we switched to non-alcoholic, all-green mouthwash. It works okay eventually, but you need to swish it around longer than one that contains alcohol.

Something leaves a very bad taste in my mouth today. It’s not unusual to harbor negative feelings about former supposed colleagues who progressed to stabbing you in the back.

The social media context, if you were an ezine catering to social media accounts, provides the opportunity for people to demonstrate their Original Sin creative best. Understand, if you happen personally to be on Twitter, and your Board all happen to have larger Twitter accounts, your days are numbered. But we all know Twitter is replete with people who deliver repartee and even more replete with the verbally challenged who gang up to suppress clever repartee.

Thankfully, Facebook is not so dominated by large antediluvian accounts. It is refreshingly forgiving, human, and, well, dare I say when elections have been subverted, democratic.

I used to have a large rabbit account on Instagram and partook in the back-channel DM social management of our community. I was hacked out of that account. I do deeply miss that gentle, soft-sided community (by contrast, Twitter birds are generally only sharp-beaking me, which I can do without). Insta for birds has not come to me so easily: while the bunnies are very photogenic and complete love mushes, my budgies are a flock and only deign to give me attention when they want something.

So I lick my wounds on Facebook while I also mourn mom’s passing.

With mouthwash I try to get over betrayals and outright disgust for feigning of friendship to please TwitBirb community.

Thank you, Facebook groups who give me welcome notwithstanding. Complete shut out and blocking on Twitter for r fault of trying your best to serve leaves a bad taste the takes several days to spit out.