Independence Day

The midnight hour approaches– another anniversary of an obscure birth.

My fiance made a fantastic spread of coconut chicken curry, rice and Hawaiian haupaii for lunch for me and my coworkers today. In the year I lost my mother, this warmed my heart immensely. I could not have been more grateful to enjoy a lunch with colleagues.

But as the special hour approaches, I cannot deny I miss her. Painfully so.

In two weeks, we will celebrate her life at a memorial service. Typically I rise to speaking and preaching occasions, but rarely do they touch me so deeply as do my wonderful memories of her humming and singing hymns as she washed dishes, kneaded bread and gardened. She was well read in religious matters and early taught me principles of spiritual equality of humanity and freedom of conscience in matters of faith. Those are invaluable lessons. I hope I do her and them justice at that time.