Wild West

My sisters’ litigator produced the documents three days early! Come on! You have got to be kidding me! No way!

I can only imagine this manifests a regional difference in legal culture. In the Nation’s Capital NO litigator produces the documents until the last possible moment. Honestly.

This is how it goes down, Friday night 4:45 PM, with the document production deadline COB that day, i.e., 5:00 pm that day. The partner has the DOJ attorney come down– he is a partner, of course he isn’t going through security for someone on a salary!

The partner engages the DOJ attorney in conversation while keeping an eye on the screen of the iPhone in his crooked right arm.

5:50:The Staff Attorney transmits a notice and electronic copy of the CD contents and cover letter to the partner for signature. The courrier awaits

5:52: The partner sounds particularly casual as he affixes his signature and transmits.

5:55. Partner transmits electronic copy of signed cover letter and file via email to DOJ attorney. The courier starts his mad dash to Justice.

5:57. The partner smiles and relaxes as the email leaves the Outbox. He announces the documents have been dispatched and shakes the DOI attorney’s hand as he takes his leave.

Three days early?😱😱

Who is this guy? This is so suspect. Thursday night he is begging for more time. He apparently didn’t immediately fire off a representation letter at that time of initial contact. I’ve been told it’s somewhere on the CD.

You gotta be kidding me!! The guy does not print out a signed copy of the letter to accompany the CD?!😱😱

So how much malware detection shall I put on an anonymous CD delivered by mail or courier? This is totally a question out of context!

Three days early?!😱😱

My first question is whether the attorney provided an itemized list indicating degree of compliance with the request. My attorney tells me it’s somewhere on the CD.

You gotta be kidding me!

I wouldn’t have even accepted an unidentified CD without a comprehensive cover letter indicating it’s contents! Arizona is definitely the WILD WEST!!