Bless Tiffo! Long life to Coco and Sammy!

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Beloved Tiffo passed away today after delicate surgery to remove cancer from his jaw.

Tiffo was one of the trio of rabbit friends (also Coco (IG)/(Tw)and Sammy(IG)/(Tw)) I first had on social media — on Twitter, actually, although I no longer maintain an account there. I am deeply saddened at this news and suspect his loss will be felt throughout the bunny social mediaverse for a long time to come.

Yes, that Tiffo — sweet light-fawn Dutch bunny with the bluest of blue eyes, which mirrored the love between him and his hoomin. Spunky Tiffo, mouthing off to his wife Chaney in the perfect pairing of opposites.  Tiffo — who, despite having 98k followers on Instagram and who-knows-how-many followers also on Twitter and Facebook, starred in his own internationally treasured bunny book, and had his own clothing, yet still related to me and my bunnies and the trial and triumphs we faced —that Tiffo!

Tiffo, loyalest and gentlest of friends, who didn’t lose track of me despite the many times my accounts were hacked. Tiffo, so perceptive and intelligent behind the sometimes piercing blue eyes, who always had kind, supportive words regardless of your circumstances.  Tiffo, who I think loved my herd almost as much as I did.

Tiffo, I cannot imagine what a difficult day today is for your Family! Faithfully, your hoomin and Chaney prepared for this day, Chaney giving her own blood in advance in the event a transfusion was needed. They willed you through surgery with the power of their love. You awoke; you laid your eyes again upon your hoomin, I suspect, in loving farewell. We know Chaney’s loss, we saw it in Bronson’s eyes when Pneuma left us; but we know someday they’ll reunite like Bronson and Pneuma, like Bessie and Guenther.

Now the tears flow untrammeled and thick; grief chokes the throat; the heart skips beats with anxiety and wordless sorrow. You will be missed, missed oh so so much, my friend.

Blessed we are in the loving, empathic bunny community of Instagram to have known Tiffo: we honor him as an inspiration in our lives. Uniting in soul with old-gold friends like Sammy and Coco, and with new friends like @mallowandstorm, @hopeandbuddies, and @bigbunnyotje, we slowly turn the #pawcirclefortiffo to a dance of praise. We raise you to that Rabbit King who governs bunny heaven. We will you into new life and take you as our inspired example.

Tiffo, my friend, you leave behind Coco and Sammy and so many others; but like Sam and Guenther before you, the sweet clover greets, and there you will find your friends, like you, restored to a state of youth and well-being.



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