Kismet — when the glimpse of an equation shows origami unfolding.

In Reformed Theology, explaining whether an infant baptism takes, better known as God’s gracious Election.

Kismet- when the errand boy’s whistle heralds his secret mission.

Kismet- when your mother folded your palm in, kissed you, and said– such a long lifeline, you shall outlive your sisters by 20 or 30 yrs!

Kismet – when the course and outcome are known, and waiting for the dealer, the bids, the holds, the folds, those who walk away, those who run seems an unbearable eternity.

Kismet –a baby’s gurgling, its laughter; a multi-faceted gem, much polished yet with cracks and fissures. A budgie’s disco ball. The chlorine haloed vision after a swimming workout. Bach’s unending fugue.

Kismet– you save room for the ashamed to save face, but they willfully crash through any number of closed doors unabashedly.

Kismet- hearing deathbed confessions and developing excellence at spotting those embracing hell — for the hell of it!

Where Kismet ends: Judas in the Potter’s Field.

* * * * *

[“Les Jeux Sont Faits”; “Huis Clos.”]