Made for flight

Yesterday, midweek, my fiance and I opted for much needed R&R and headed south to the North Carolina pad of a friend to meet his free-flight trained macaws. As macaws will stay out in the trees overnight if darkness begins to fall during their flight session, we endeavored to arrive by 2:00, but traffic accidents … Continue reading Made for flight


Treasure Hunt: Finding the perfect rabbit vet

In the United States, we now have "exotic vets" as the supposed rabbit experts, but if you settle for the exotics vet nearest you, you may not be fully satisfied with your rabbits care -- either with the quality or the cost. People often ask for tips on finding a reliable, affordable vet for the … Continue reading Treasure Hunt: Finding the perfect rabbit vet

Bless Tiffo! Long life to Coco and Sammy!

[Please hover mouse over photos to see captions and credits] Beloved Tiffo passed away today after delicate surgery to remove cancer from his jaw. Tiffo was one of the trio of rabbit friends (also Cocoย (IG)/(Tw)and Sammy(IG)/(Tw)) I first had on social media -- on Twitter, actually, although I no longer maintain an account there. I … Continue reading Bless Tiffo! Long life to Coco and Sammy!

The wonder of Flemish Giant Foreheads

Insta's @mallowandstorm encourages me to write on rabbits. Analogously, I encouraged a foremost breeder of the African grey parrot to commit more of her valuable legacy to print. So I have no excuse for not writing myself about Flemish Giants, and rabbits in general. Flemish Giant show rabbit champs typically weigh substantially more than the … Continue reading The wonder of Flemish Giant Foreheads

Time ticks on . . .

A military logistics expert once stated "Luck is just failed preparation." Clearly the last two years have proved abundantly lucky. Yes, I knew my parents likely would predecease me, but I had no idea how the very framework of my world would rock. Yes, I had always intended to lose contact with my siblings, but … Continue reading Time ticks on . . .

Hoppy Weekend from my buddy Bunjamin Franklin

My fiance is part-Pacific Islander, and he never ceases to amaze me-- above and beyond wabbitsnkeets in supporting me through the tides of life. But he doesn't hop on the bed whenever I am home and demand attention like Bunjamin Franklin does-- first thing in the morning and as soon as I put my feet … Continue reading Hoppy Weekend from my buddy Bunjamin Franklin