Help Ban Animal Abuse Posts on Instagram: Sign & Share Petition

These have been eventful weeks! As urgency on #LasVegasDumpsiteBunnies diminished, I happily returned to my neglected Instagram bunny account. But the Instagram rabbit community was in the midst of further uproar: a man in Iran had created an Instagram account and posted videos and taunting photos of the torturing of defenseless rabbits to death. Despite … Continue reading Help Ban Animal Abuse Posts on Instagram: Sign & Share Petition


Budgie Choir: #Mataharavi

Our budgie flock is now pre-occupied with the #birddominion movement on Twitter. For them, #birddominion includes breaking bunnies Harey Potter and Melville of habitually trying to steal their millet. So they enlisted in #birddominion. Then they formed Budgie Choir (open to all birds) as a front organization. Birds flocked to sign on! Subtle Ravi early … Continue reading Budgie Choir: #Mataharavi

Twitter’s African Grey Otto (@keelingrob)

Whimsy, comic relief -- we thank our lucky stars for ice-breaking, delight-waking humor. Especially on those dark days. Otto announced plans for #birddominion some weeks ago. The initial story was covered in detail at (Feb 15 ed.). Our bird accounts on Twitter and Instagram are both @Budgiebouquet. Our flock of five has enlisted in … Continue reading Twitter’s African Grey Otto (@keelingrob)

#CrowdSourcing #Activism: #Bunniesmatterinvegastoo

Last night, it finally clicked: Instagram accounts involved in the post-poisoning evacuation of abandoned pet rabbits from Nevada state property were replicating the Facebook hashtag #bunniesmatterinvegastoo on belated Instagram posts. If those users tweet, however, they haven't learned the Twitter hashtag #LasVegasDumpsiteBunnies (they don't grace my Twitter radar). Activism in #bunniesmatterinvegastoo has had four apparent … Continue reading #CrowdSourcing #Activism: #Bunniesmatterinvegastoo

#LasVegasDumpsiteBunnies Update: Mid-Atlantic

The petition on opened, to my knowledge, in the wee hours yesterday morning. It had just over 550 signatures when I first saw it; this morning it has nearly 5,000. I have no idea what happened on the ground in #LasVegas yesterday, but where possible, I've shepherded the petition along. I am grateful to … Continue reading #LasVegasDumpsiteBunnies Update: Mid-Atlantic

Sign #LasVegasDumpsiteBunnies Petition

UPDATE: The petition now has nearly 3,300 signatures. A petition is now available to help the #lasvegas #rabbits. The petition demands that the #lasvegascounty Sheriff initiate #investigation of the poisonning and death of 30+ rabbits on the grounds of the Nevada state children's mental hospital. The petition sets forth a brief history of the … Continue reading Sign #LasVegasDumpsiteBunnies Petition