Made for flight

Yesterday, midweek, my fiance and I opted for much needed R&R and headed south to the North Carolina pad of a friend to meet his free-flight trained macaws. As macaws will stay out in the trees overnight if darkness begins to fall during their flight session, we endeavored to arrive by 2:00, but traffic accidents … Continue reading Made for flight


Free-flying macaws

Today my fiance and I venture to North Carolina at last to meet great aviculturist, AFA leader, affable mentor and freed loving free flyer Lewis Waskey. My fiance is enrolled in an Applied Behavior Analysis course for training birds to free flight, with Chris Biro's famef Liberty Wings school. Now we just need to find … Continue reading Free-flying macaws

2¢ on Collaboratives & Gravy Trains

It is rare for Collaboratives to succeed due to enduring and ever-present free-rider inefficiencies. For creative professionals, collaboratives more often than not provide an optimum synergistic environment; for groundbreaking onslaughts demanding apprenticed sprit (and just dumb luck) insight alongwith conceivable failures of appreciation A while ago I tried paddling in untested stream, in untested weather. … Continue reading 2¢ on Collaboratives & Gravy Trains

Help Ban Animal Abuse Posts on Instagram: Sign & Share Petition

These have been eventful weeks! As urgency on #LasVegasDumpsiteBunnies diminished, I happily returned to my neglected Instagram bunny account. But the Instagram rabbit community was in the midst of further uproar: a man in Iran had created an Instagram account and posted videos and taunting photos of the torturing of defenseless rabbits to death. Despite … Continue reading Help Ban Animal Abuse Posts on Instagram: Sign & Share Petition

Budgie Choir: #Mataharavi

Our budgie flock is now pre-occupied with the #birddominion movement on Twitter. For them, #birddominion includes breaking bunnies Harey Potter and Melville of habitually trying to steal their millet. So they enlisted in #birddominion. Then they formed Budgie Choir (open to all birds) as a front organization. Birds flocked to sign on! Subtle Ravi early … Continue reading Budgie Choir: #Mataharavi

Twitter’s African Grey Otto (@keelingrob)

Whimsy, comic relief -- we thank our lucky stars for ice-breaking, delight-waking humor. Especially on those dark days. Otto announced plans for #birddominion some weeks ago. The initial story was covered in detail at (Feb 15 ed.). Our bird accounts on Twitter and Instagram are both @Budgiebouquet. Our flock of five has enlisted in … Continue reading Twitter’s African Grey Otto (@keelingrob)