Kismet -- when the glimpse of an equation shows origami unfolding. In Reformed Theology, explaining whether an infant baptism takes, better known as God's gracious Election. Kismet- when the errand boy's whistle heralds his secret mission. Kismet- when your mother folded your palm in, kissed you, and said-- such a long lifeline, you shall outlive … Continue reading Kismet


Part I: The Life & Loves of Sam (Un-Underlined)

Sam, born January 17, 2007. And passed September 21, 2013, three days after his best buddy Max. While for a small bunny, 6.5 years isn't a long life, for Flemish it's long enough for arthritis pain to cripple. Sam lived every day larger. Sam taught me so much about rabbits, Flemish in particular. But most … Continue reading Part I: The Life & Loves of Sam (Un-Underlined)