Wild West

My sisters' litigator produced the documents three days early! Come on! You have got to be kidding me! No way! I can only imagine this manifests a regional difference in legal culture. In the Nation's Capital NO litigator produces the documents until the last possible moment. Honestly. This is how it goes down, Friday night … Continue reading Wild West


Baby boomer baby sister

The third daughter of three, all three years apart. The last-ditch failed effort at producing an heir, the last year of the Baby Boomers, 1964. They were already a close-knit dysfunctional suburban family before I entered the scene. Vulnerable, always either 3 or 6 years behind in verbal and conceptual abilities, my siblings loved me … Continue reading Baby boomer baby sister

Stillness & a Teddy Bear

For decades, monthly, with onset of the fatigue of PMS breaking through an over-scheduled life, the image of a balding mohair teddy bear haunted me. The image leapt from God knows where. Blood streamed from the teddy bear. I never could entirely block the sight out from the backscape of my mind. I knew it … Continue reading Stillness & a Teddy Bear


The words don't come easily. The press misrepresents PTSD. Yes, most likely, injection of the acronym PTSD immediately reduces a reader's opinion of my credibility. Yes, some stimuli that evoke nothing in others may trigger a flashback, a distracting backscape of the mind. A flashback typically does not engulf a person. Instead, it distracts, it … Continue reading Challenged

When property law reinforces sexist tradition

Years ago, my parents executed mirror-image Final Wills and Testaments, each page initialed, each instrument fully and appropriately executed according to law. The wills though separate ensure the identical results regardless of who predeceased whom. The wills' mutual design preserves accumulated capital for natural born heirs, a conceit of our eighteenth-century male-dominated heritage . As … Continue reading When property law reinforces sexist tradition

Perspectives on perception

Forgive me, my friends-- creative folk make allegory chatting with Muses of yore. So, I too tonight, sheltering beneath their cloaks -- wishing this task less ugly, distasteful -- pay heed to the tunes Dreamweaver Muses intone. Fiction and poetry-- like Islam's shadow theater, sole allowed dramatic form, where the play of shadow and flickering … Continue reading Perspectives on perception