MidTerms: Quite the Test

It's November 6. Election Day in the US. I walked in the rain the block and a half to the polling station at the local elementary school to partake in the Civic Sacrament. The school kids, you see, have a holiday today. I did not arrive bright and early at 6 a.m. I sauntered in … Continue reading MidTerms: Quite the Test


When property law reinforces sexist tradition

Years ago, my parents executed mirror-image Final Wills and Testaments, each page initialed, each instrument fully and appropriately executed according to law. The wills though separate ensure the identical results regardless of who predeceased whom. The wills' mutual design preserves accumulated capital for natural born heirs, a conceit of our eighteenth-century male-dominated heritage . As … Continue reading When property law reinforces sexist tradition