“Our Washington, DC Offices”

Yes, Trump conducts federal business on his private property, or so they say. The emoluments clause and his likely violations long since ceased to grab readers and fell off the headlines. I work in an average Washington, DC office building. In other words, the offices listing their addresses here rarely open. Some appear to be … Continue reading “Our Washington, DC Offices”


Hoppy Weekend from my buddy Bunjamin Franklin

My fiance is part-Pacific Islander, and he never ceases to amaze me-- above and beyond wabbitsnkeets in supporting me through the tides of life. But he doesn't hop on the bed whenever I am home and demand attention like Bunjamin Franklin does-- first thing in the morning and as soon as I put my feet … Continue reading Hoppy Weekend from my buddy Bunjamin Franklin

Gnothi Seauton

Summers, escaping the heat of our somewhat Southern city, I descended to the dim, parquet-floored family room of our suburban split-level. The cool air settled there. Beneath the chandelier Dad and I designed, perched on a stool at the squat teak and marble Chinese coffee table, I wandered page by page through the Unabridged Webster's … Continue reading Gnothi Seauton

Treasured Weekend Back Home in Kansas City

Last weekend fiance Mark and I flew to KCMO to meet with family, extended family and old friends for mom's memorial service. Delightfully we stayed in a Residence Inn on the Country Club Plaza. Developed along the banks of Brush Creek in the 1920's by local real estate magnate J.C. Nichols, the Plaza celebrates the … Continue reading Treasured Weekend Back Home in Kansas City

Each Generation must shape its Sacred Space

Pictured above is the reconfigured altar of the church I grew up in. A Southern Presbyterian church rejoining PCUSA in 1983, in my childhood the church's architecture expressed more clearly its Southern heritage.Where today you see an open and bright altar space with the stained glass window visible from any angle, in my childhood, a … Continue reading Each Generation must shape its Sacred Space