Hoppy Weekend from my buddy Bunjamin Franklin

My fiance is part-Pacific Islander, and he never ceases to amaze me-- above and beyond wabbitsnkeets in supporting me through the tides of life. But he doesn't hop on the bed whenever I am home and demand attention like Bunjamin Franklin does-- first thing in the morning and as soon as I put my feet … Continue reading Hoppy Weekend from my buddy Bunjamin Franklin

2¢ on Collaboratives & Gravy Trains

It is rare for Collaboratives to succeed due to enduring and ever-present free-rider inefficiencies. For creative professionals, collaboratives more often than not provide an optimum synergistic environment; for groundbreaking onslaughts demanding apprenticed sprit (and just dumb luck) insight alongwith conceivable failures of appreciation A while ago I tried paddling in untested stream, in untested weather. … Continue reading 2¢ on Collaboratives & Gravy Trains

Memorial Day Weekend — “Another One Bites the Dust!”

A bank holiday in Canada, Monday is for us Memorial Day, a time for reverie about the Truth of the Cross, that there, but for the grace of God and "Giants in the Earth," who sacrificed themselves for species and family, go we. How I planned on reverie. How I hoped to present you with … Continue reading Memorial Day Weekend — “Another One Bites the Dust!”

#CrowdSourcing #Activism: #Bunniesmatterinvegastoo

Last night, it finally clicked: Instagram accounts involved in the post-poisoning evacuation of abandoned pet rabbits from Nevada state property were replicating the Facebook hashtag #bunniesmatterinvegastoo on belated Instagram posts. If those users tweet, however, they haven't learned the Twitter hashtag #LasVegasDumpsiteBunnies (they don't grace my Twitter radar). Activism in #bunniesmatterinvegastoo has had four apparent … Continue reading #CrowdSourcing #Activism: #Bunniesmatterinvegastoo

The Debonair Bellhop at The Willard

Of course, since a federal government position can take months or years to land, due to both the hiring process and background investigation, Melville sought a more immediate source of cash for his urban extracurriculars. Notwithstanding having Bronson's National Identity Card and a  Social Security card counterfeited by clever Harey Potter, Melville sought one further … Continue reading The Debonair Bellhop at The Willard

Melville Seeks Legitimate Income

Melville wanted cash to enjoy the colorful tourist life of DC. He craved adventure, too. His Georgewashingbun currency having nearly triggered a Secret Service undercove counterfeiting operation, he determined to pursue gainful employment. Word on the street, variously confirmed, said prospective employers would demand a photo ID, Social Security card and completed I-9 Immigration form. … Continue reading Melville Seeks Legitimate Income

Hoppy #bunnybuttfriday🐰

Mum is an attorney educated in Britain and product of an Ivy League law school. Consistent with the relevant statistics, as a woman, the Ivy League JD hindered rather than helped her professional advancement. Downward ly mobile since her sabbatical to Presbyterian seminary 2003-06, she snuggles us for reassurance each evening: she is a mere … Continue reading Hoppy #bunnybuttfriday🐰