“Our Washington, DC Offices”

Yes, Trump conducts federal business on his private property, or so they say. The emoluments clause and his likely violations long since ceased to grab readers and fell off the headlines. I work in an average Washington, DC office building. In other words, the offices listing their addresses here rarely open. Some appear to be … Continue reading “Our Washington, DC Offices”


Distractedly, lazily, I flip through the Gmail folders. The one of email sent to my sisters. And ignored. Or at least unanswered. If I had kept all those for my lifetime, the unanswered ones, I wonder how many times I could circle the earth if I printed them out and laid them end to end. … Continue reading Musings

The wonder of Flemish Giant Foreheads

Insta's @mallowandstorm encourages me to write on rabbits. Analogously, I encouraged a foremost breeder of the African grey parrot to commit more of her valuable legacy to print. So I have no excuse for not writing myself about Flemish Giants, and rabbits in general. Flemish Giant show rabbit champs typically weigh substantially more than the … Continue reading The wonder of Flemish Giant Foreheads

Time ticks on . . .

A military logistics expert once stated "Luck is just failed preparation." Clearly the last two years have proved abundantly lucky. Yes, I knew my parents likely would predecease me, but I had no idea how the very framework of my world would rock. Yes, I had always intended to lose contact with my siblings, but … Continue reading Time ticks on . . .

Baby boomer baby sister

The third daughter of three, all three years apart. The last-ditch failed effort at producing an heir, the last year of the Baby Boomers, 1964. They were already a close-knit dysfunctional suburban family before I entered the scene. Vulnerable, always either 3 or 6 years behind in verbal and conceptual abilities, my siblings loved me … Continue reading Baby boomer baby sister