Kismet -- when the glimpse of an equation shows origami unfolding. In Reformed Theology, explaining whether an infant baptism takes, better known as God's gracious Election. Kismet- when the errand boy's whistle heralds his secret mission. Kismet- when your mother folded your palm in, kissed you, and said-- such a long lifeline, you shall outlive … Continue reading Kismet


Hoppy #bunnybuttfriday🐰

Mum is an attorney educated in Britain and product of an Ivy League law school. Consistent with the relevant statistics, as a woman, the Ivy League JD hindered rather than helped her professional advancement. Downward ly mobile since her sabbatical to Presbyterian seminary 2003-06, she snuggles us for reassurance each evening: she is a mere … Continue reading Hoppy #bunnybuttfriday🐰